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About Us



DiamondSmile® is a German company selling teeth whitening products for your perfect smile. We want to become the best and most reliable distributor of teeth whitening products in Europe, giving everyone the opportunity to have a natural, white and bright smile.

Who are we?

Hello, we are the team of Diamond Smile®. We are a company from Germany and based in Berlin. We are a small and innovative star-up with regional roots. Our team consists of highly motivated young people, who all have a special interest in dental and oral hygiene, as well as bright white teeth. We work only with experts and are fascinated by innovative and high-quality tools that allow you to wake up every day with a white and bright smile. That is why we offer everything related to white teeth, a bright smile and dental and oral care. In addition, all our customers and members of our community receive important information and tips on these topics for free.

3 Zahnärzte lächeln in einer Zahnarztpraxis.

What do we stand for?

We stand for the natural and effective whitening of teeth. We are particularly interested in the protection of teeth, gums and the interior of the mouth. We are burning for new creative products in the field of dentistry and have very high standards. That is why we test all our products several times ourselves and investigate if any problems with the products could arise. When we are completely convinced of something, we release it for distribution. We stand completely and HUNDREDLY behind our products.


Ein Mitarbeiter steht im Lager von Diamond Smile.

The teeth whitening professionals from Germany
Our second core competence after our flawless and natural products is our service. We are constantly and permanently there for our customers. We help where we can and love to take feedback to correct mistakes or design new products.

Our goal is to inspire you. We want to work closely with our customers to promote the products they want, but also to help them with any questions or concerns they may have.

What do we want?

We want to change the life and the attitude towards life to make our fellow men more open-minded and joyful. In addition, we try to get away from the boring products from the discounter to creative ideas, which are not offered in every store or online store. We want that all our customers are always completely satisfied. For this reason we bring only our best products to the market and convince with an excellent service. We want to give everyone a bright and white smile in a natural way and without the cost of hundreds of euros to the dentist.


Lena-Marie Wagner von Diamond Smile steht lächelnd in ihrer Zahnarztpraxis.



"Through Diamond Smile, not only a few patients, but also many people around the world now have the opportunity to whiten their teeth within the shortest possible time, pain-free and in any situation in life.I hope you are as enthusiastic as thousands of other people who have already chosen Diamond Smile. You only have one smile!"


Lena-Marie Wagner

Lena-Marie Wagner von Diamond Smile Unterschrift.